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Steve Money is not the average lawyer — a kid who went to college, followed with law school and then has done nothing since but practice law. 

Steve was a police officer for six years — his service included working in high-crime areas, doing undercover work and working on highly-skilled task forces. Two members of Steve’s academy class have died in the line of duty.

After leaving police work, Steve attended law school, beginning long after his college peers.

Steve understands the value of hard work, having worked three jobs while attending law school — and raising his family.

Upon passing the Bar, Steve spent the next five years practicing law as in-house counsel for what became the largest bank-debt purchasing company in America before moving on to private practice. One of his clients was a medicare home health company, which he ended up purchasing and spending the next 22 years growing and operating Medicare companies, providing care to Medicare beneficiaries. 

While in the home health and hospice business, Steve became general counsel for a national home health trade organization which aggressively fought for the rights of Medicare patients across America. Steve was co-counsel in a lawsuit against the former HCFA, which was putting one home health agency after another out of business through government regulations. 

Because of Steve’s experience and expertise in the needs of the elderly, in 2000 he was recruited to run for an open congressional seat in Eastern Oklahoma. The campaign was going very well until Steve unexpectedly had to undergo coronary bypass surgery which, as he says, “put a cramp in a political campaign three weeks before a primary election.”

Following his foray into politics Steve, at the age of 49, took a professional sabbatical to attend medical school to obtain extensive medical training to add to his legal knowledge and background — all to better serve the elderly.  Steve’s clinical training during his third and fourth year of medical school took him to Juarez, Mexico; London, England; and Miami, Florida.

Following his graduation from medical school with his Doctorate of Medical degree (M.D.), he returned to Oklahoma and to his medical companies, where he stayed for seven more years until becoming one of thousands of providers who became victims of the Affordable Care Act. Steve then returned to the full-time practice of law and continues to combine his medical and legal expertise to assist people with their long-term needs with an emphasis on getting their affairs in a position to apply for nursing home benefits should that be necessary for themselves or a loved one. 

With more than 30 years as a lawyer, more than 20 years as owner of a medical home health and hospice, also being one of the few people in America with both a Juris Doctor (J.D.) and a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Steve can help you like no other care planner you know.

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